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Dr. T. Ross Owen, Chief Executive Officer Ed.D. in Leadership Studies, University of Tennessee M.S. in Human Resource Development, Western Carolina University

 T. Ross Owen, CEO

Welcome to K12USJobs!

We, at our core, are a service organization. Our career services are designed for educators by educators. We are committed to integrating the highest quality service with leading edge technology. Our commitment to service and technology integration is what motivates us every day. I became particularly motivated upon losing my job one day. As a licensed teacher, I had the credentials to teach almost anywhere, but I could not find a suitable job. More specifically, I could not find a nationwide database of available K12 jobs. Such a database did not exist. Now it does. K12USJobs aims to be the solution to America’s school staffing problem. To some degree, staffing problems exist in every school. Whether your problem is big or small, our job matching technology will help you find the right person for the right job. Depend on K12USJobs to deliver quality career services, now and always. Cordially,