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Using Social Media for Teacher Recruitment

August 18, 2018
Using Social Media for Teacher Recruitment

Using Social Media for Teacher Recruitment

Social media is a job hunter’s dream. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook let you connect with friends of friends and colleagues of colleagues. This allows you to quickly widen your pool of contacts. But when it comes to finding the best teachers for your school or the perfect job for you. There can be pitfalls along with the benefits. Here are some things to think about when using social media in teacher recruitment.

LinkedIn and Teachers

LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) is the go-to social media network for job hunters. The biggest advantage to LinkedIn is the ability to connect with past and present co-workers and fellow alumni. LinkedIn allows you to have your connections put you in touch with people they know. But many teachers, particularly those who teach kindergarten through high school, do not have LinkedIn profiles. Many teachers eschew social media altogether, citing the risks of students finding their accounts.

Posting a teaching job on LinkedIn can have mixed results. You may get a number of candidates who are not local, adding an extra layer to the interviewing process, or many who are not qualified. The job of searching falls on you since there’s no effective way to weed out unqualified respondents. You may also find that an employment ad on LinkedIn or another social media network will generate more sales pitches than qualified candidates. Many people use LinkedIn as a way to find prospects for their own products and services, with little regard for the reasons you are posting to begin with.

Other Social Networks

Some people also use Facebook (www.facebook.com) or Twitter (www.twitter.com) to connect with potential employers or employees. Teachers tend to shy away from these sites even more than LinkedIn as they do not want to give the impression of interacting with students, an activity that is typically prohibited by school districts.

Posting a job on these sites may not be advisable, but they can certainly be used to point interested teachers or administrators to a job board where jobs are posted. You can briefly mention the position you want to fill and add a link to the job search site where the position is posted. The approach combines the reach of social media with the filtering capabilities of a job board. In other words, cast a wide net with social media, and narrow the field with your job search engine.

The Recruiting Mix

Certainly, you want to use social media as a part of your recruiting process, but you probably don’t want to rely on it exclusively. To find the best candidates to interview for teaching positions, or to find the best teaching job for you, employ a variety of techniques including job boards, recruiting websites and social media. Use a robust, searchable job search site to find the best jobs or the best candidates for a job you need to fill.

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